I am a Huntress and Blackmail Findomme…

As a Huntress and Blackmail Findomme Goddess, I LOVE to hunt people down and toy with their emotions… Make them feel like prey, blackmail them, and feel REAL fear. I love to toy with their minds, and inflict mental pain. I cannot help it, I am just wired that way I guess. >:-)

So if you would love to be prey for me, Blackmail Findomme Goddess Mistress Inferno, you will have to know in advance that you will have to pay… It’s not cheap being the hunter… It takes a lot of time and effort on my part… Especially when you don’t live in my country…

blackmail findomme goddess mistress inferno

And be careful, the fainthearted need not apply. As you may expect from a Blackmail Goddess, I am not the loving kind, and I don’t care about “after care”.. Although I would NEVER hurt you physically (unless you crave it), I will NOT take responsibility for your mental state. If you like to play with fire, you WILL get burned… which is the whole purpose in the first place…

I am a sadist by nature and love to inflict (mental) pain. I like to crawl into your head and never leave you. I will haunt your mind forever, once you have tasted my poisoned soul.

Some call me a psycho, and maybe I am. I consider that a compliment!
I know I am not sane! And if vanilla is the norm, I am TOTALLY insane… But I love myself, I love my devious mind, and I love my life with my alpha husband. I consider myself incredibly stable, and most importantly: totally in control.

I have NO children, I cannot stand most children. In our western civilization most have horrible parents making their  children either entitled spoiled bitches, or traumatized deranged spineless life forms.

blackmail findomme goddess mistress inferno

I travel a lot, I’ve seen a lot, and love to visit my victims once in a while… unannounced, leaving little scary surprises. Once you are in my web, you can never leave. Part of you will always be mine. I don’t need to brand you; your mind does that for me.

always make sure I know what is happening in your life.. work, relations, family, etc. I am just a curious, creepy psycho, and you are my victim of choice…

always find special ways to make you feel “stalked”… I love to make your skin crawl, make your hair stand up on your neck, give you so much stress you will turn grey over night. Your mental fear and pain is my drug.

Don’t think too lightly about me. I am truly a Huntress and a Blackmail Findomme Goddess. My text is not role play; my thoughts are real, and they are ME. I hate limits! I don’t care about them and I never negotiate. I use my common sense. And I prefer you don’t .*laughs evil*